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Market-Based Ratings

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Objective star ratings taking full account of current market conditions and the sensitivity of each fund to market influences.

Data based on detailed analysis of fund performances and market data over more than 30 years.

The Importance of the Market The Stock Market and the Economy

Risk / Return Projections

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Compare the return potential and fully quantified risks associated with thousands of UK investment funds.

Clear and simple summaries that fully reflect the prevailing market conditions.

Modelling the FTSE Underlying Fund Returns

Overall fund ratings balance risk, return and the track record of each fund.

Portfolio Stress Testing

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Full portfolio modelling recognises the correlation of the performance of each fund to others in the portfolio and adjusts risk determination accordingly.

'What if' analysis illustrates how resilient a portfolio might be to falling market conditions.

How we test - Monte Carlo Simulation Prospects for the FTSE 100

Portfolio Testing (Demonstration)

Step 1: Choose the type of test you want to perform

Test at the full range of possible market conditions
One year Stress Test at specific market value

Step 2: Set your target annual return


Step 3: Select your investment timescale


Step 4:



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Example Test Portfolio

Fund NameUnitsValueExpected1Risk2
Cash£ 00
Total Portfolio£ 
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