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Manage the risks in your investment portfolio by registering for an account with FundView. Registration is free and lets you see the potential returns and also the risks associated with the combination of funds in your portfolio.

Registering your account online is quick and simple and will enable you to:

  • Build and save a portfolio of funds
  • View the Risk/Return profiles of the funds in your portfolio
  • Stress test your portfolio against a variety of market conditions (subscription req'd)
  • Import and export portfolios to test alternative strategies.

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If you want to see how it works, use this Sample Porfolio to test-drive the features.

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Portfolio Prospects

Step 1: Choose the type of test you want to perform

Test at the full statistical range of future market values
One year Stress Test at a specific market value

Step 2: Set your target annual return


Step 3: Select your investment timescale


Step 4:

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Import Portfolio

Caution: Importing a new portfolio will replace your existing portfolio details - please export the existing version before proceeding if you do not want to lose this data.

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Purchase Credits

Purchasing credits allows you to perform a wider variety of tests on your portfolio including stress testing against specific market conditions.

  • View the Risk/Return profiles of the funds in your portfolio over different timescales and target options.
  • Stress test your portfolio against a variety of market conditions.
  • Print your results in PDF format.
  • All simulations are cached for a period of two weeks and can be updated without charge during this time.

Purchases of 25 credits are valid for one month, 100 credit purchases remain valid for 6 months.

You do not need a PayPal account - simply choose 'Pay with debit or credit card' on the next page.

Choose the number of credits: